CDMX: long live anti-state graffiti

Here in the U.S., a certain wing of leftists like to think they have have a monopoly on being badasses but I ask, when has anyone been able to spray paint ‘ASSASSIN STATE’ on the capitol building? estado asesinoflat


I’m really not sure how they’ve been able to do so much of this with the crazy numbers of police all around the Zocalo clad in riot gear. Props anarquistas.


CDMX : Mexico City is wonderful

I had the great fortune to go to Mexico City last week. My family is from the north of Mexico and I’ve never gotten much past Tamaulipas so it was pretty exciting to finally get to go.

chamoy bathflat
I want to soak in it

It was marvelous. I saw buildings, art and places I’ve dreamed of seeing in person, gloried at the superior public transit and ate lots of awesome food, accelerating my existing cavities in the process.

I came back with a renewed zeal to live in Mexico but since I cannot for the time being, I decided to draw a bunch about it instead.

First one is about chamoy, that magical sauce that makes my mouth water just saying its name.

*pours out some tea* Here’s to you.