Daubentonia madagascariensis…aka: the Aye-Aye



I started working on this short booklet about cool animals and random facts about them today. Here’s the Aye-Aye, one of the cooler prosimian primates, though I think all of those guys are pretty great.

Even though it is a primate, it has teeth that grow continuously, like a rodent. It uses them to gnaw holes in trees to get at bugs and the such.

Here’s a good website with lots of other cool stuff about them and the other primates.


More mornings than not

This particular morning, Estelle (pictured destroying my only pair of dressy heels) inspired this comic because as soon as she hopped off the bed I freaking KNEW she was pissing in the kitchen. I was proven right when I got up 20 minutes later.

thoughts on waking2 flat

It’s hard weighing the benefits of snuggling with fuzzy, purring creatures with the costs of staying in bed so long their tiny bladders get the better of their training.

Fabulous Quest

I’ve been working on the artwork for a new board game called Fabulous Quest. It’s a long ways off from being finished but It has a pretty promising start. I’ve done a preliminary map but it will have to be redone after some beta-testing. For beta-testing purposes, we used stock photographs for all the animal playing cards. Here’s the first one with original artwork.