Poe or Morrissey?

poe or morrissey2

Who said it, Poe or Morrissey?


The Dowager demands her own series

I had a fantastic idea as I rewatched Downton Abbey the other night. Someone, no, Masterpiece Theater alone, needs to make a new mini series about Violet Crawley coming out as a young girl in the 1860’s. I drew this as a first study of Maggie Smith’s awesome face before I started drawing her with the gigantic mutton chop sleeves she describes having worn. Also, I kind of hoped my effort would somehow create positive energy in the world to push in the direction of the creation of said show.

The Dowager Countess

The Dowager Countess


The Black Death comes to Europe

In October of 1347, a ship docked at Messina in Sicily with all sailors aboard either dead or dying from plague. They came from Caffa, or Kaffa, located in Crimea. It is believed Caffa received the pestilence from Mongol trebuchets during a siege of the city. From here on out, Europe was to have outbreaks year after year, eventually losing up to a third of it’s population by some estimates.

Things take a dark turn in 1346

Things take a dark turn in 1347