Domestic workers’ bill of rights

Oregon signed this bill into law June 17, 2015 but it took effect just this year.  According to this law, a domestic worker is generally anyone works in someone’s home to maintain it. Some key provisions:

Hardcore women's work

Hardcore women’s work

  • Household workers are given 24 hours in a row off. A whole stinking day because of course they don’t get a weekend. And if they do have to work at all on their one day off, they get overtime.
  • Workers who worked on average 30 hours per week get three paid days off. Three. Three days. That’s labor day weekend. Insane.
  • Live-in household workers get overtime starting at 44 hours and they must be given 8 consecutive hours off and “adequate sleeping arrangements.” What did they get before, a crate?
  • It grants workers protection under sexual harassment and discrimination laws. How was this not automatic?

I guess what I didn’t realize is despite the amount these household workers prop up their bourgeoisie masters, I mean, employers, they really are not regarded as legit workers. Props to Oregon for taking that step. Who’s next?


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