Atalanta, the badass

I’ve been bouncing the idea around of a longer work about Atalanta for years now. Procrastination and harsh self-criticism have kept me from progressing very far on it so I thought if I did it in small spurts it would be easier. The written part, however, will have to stay hidden until it’s completed.



This is from “The Earthly Paradise” by William Morris. It’s in a super cool compilation of tales of gods and heroes from 1899 I found in a curios shop in Colorado.

Atalanta, daughter of King Schoeneus, not willing to lose her virgin’s estate, made it a law to all suitors that they should run a race with her in the public place, and if they failed to overcome her should die unrevenged; and thus many brave men perished. At last came Milanion, the son of Amphidamas, who outraged her with the help of Venus, gained the virgin and wedded her. 


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