Roman Sketching: Hannibal

We really don’t learn enough about the Punic Wars in school. In high school our world history teacher said that the state of Texas wanted each student to memorize 10 important dates in history. The Magna Carta, Battle of Hastings, Battle of Tours, etc. No one I actually took this class with remembers this as even a part of the curriculum so I can’t ask them but I’m almost positive the Battle of Zama was not on that list. This is the battle that gave the Romans supremacy over the mediterranean. The importance of this is obvious but cooler still is that these wars effectively whipped Rome into the bureaucratic shape it needed to then expand as far as it did. hannibal

Basically the fall of Hannibal led to all of those pre-Roman Iberian people getting fucked. **pours beer on the ground for the Cantabri, Lusitani, Oretani, Turduli, Vettones, etc, etc, etc.**

This is my first stab at Hannibal, the bust anyway. It’s very likely he was not quite so european-looking.


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