christmas bonus

This is being mailed to a friend so I colored it in old-school, with pencils.  the paper version doesn’t look as crappy, I swear.



5 thoughts on “christmas bonus

  1. It can be argued that this is your finest post to date.

    “#1 Dad”?!?! What, no 1998 Pi Phi Date Dash?

    You are cruel… Btw, you forgot to draw in “Wanida’s” kids watching MTV (back when they had videos) on Edward’s big screen TV.

  2. so the other night i lay in bed and i was reminded of my wonderful entreprenurial skills that got mom the ‘paulito’ gig. and the subsequent guilt i now feel knowing that $25 is not a lot of money…is this what this is about? cuz mom did get a meager bonus like that didnt she?

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