movie summary/review #2 : Rachel Getting Married


p.s. the ENTIRE movie was shot with a shaky lens.  I’m guessing the purpose of which was to make it more “real.”  the filmmakers should also have considered how perfect lighting can throw off the realistic feel of a scene as well.  As can using a huge hollywood actress for a lead role.

p.s.s. what is the deal with the indian wedding?  NO one in the family has any appreciable ties to india and though I am not indian, I find the matter slightly offensive.  And they forgot the elephant anyway.


2 thoughts on “movie summary/review #2 : Rachel Getting Married

  1. C’mon you know what the deal is with the Indian wedding, think about it.

    Krina didn’t have an elephant at her wedding, I think they settled on horses. The elephants might have been booked that weekend.

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